Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law presents many challenging and complex issues. For over thirty years Attorney William R. Seligmann and his firm have helped clients grapple with matters involving Free Speech, Due Process and other Constitutional Law issues.

Law Offices of William R. Seligmann

Our firm is a boutique law office where we work closely and directly with our clients. We have extensive experience handling important Constitutional issues like Free Speech and Due Process, backed by decades of hard work in this area of law practice. We keep clients informed of the progress of their case, and we are always ready to answer client inquiries.

Constitutional Law Attorney

William R. Seligmann has developed an excellent reputation for knowledge and successfully resolving complex cases. He has served Californians in many ways, as a City Attorney and in representation of the individual. He is zealous in his approach to legal issues, believing that government does have a vital role in the well-being of its citizens. His work as a Constitutional Law Attorney has given him great satisfaction on two levels; helping government agencies better serve citizens and by helping citizens get justice from their government.

No matter how small your problem may seem, if it involves Constitutional Rights, it is a major issue that deserves the best possible representation from an attorney who knows and respects the Constitution. We are experienced in Free Speech and other important Constitutional Law issues that face public entities and private citizens of California.

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