Construction Law

Construction Law affects many diverse California land use projects and people, including government entities, developers, contractors and property owners. With over thirty years of experience helping people resolve these often complex legal matters, Attorney William R. Seligmann is an excellent first choice when you need legal representation or legal advice in this area of law practice.

Law Offices of William R. Seligmann

Our firm has been actively helping people solve construction law issues for over thirty years. We have worked extensively with clients who encountered difficulty with public works contracts, land use issues and other property disputes. Our goal is to serve the people of California with high quality legal representation.

Construction Law Attorney

Construction law covers a multitude of issues that can arise from the construction process, including bidding issues, prevailing wages, construction defects and construction accidents. Our boutique firm provides clients with the high quality legal representation needed to answer litigation and transactional matters that often arise during construction projects. Public works contracts are a primary area of focus by our firm. These projects are subject to legal constraints and procedures far different than most private contracts.

Attorney William R. Seligmann has a long and distinguished legal career, serving California clients for over thirty years. He has served as a City Attorney, consultant, litigator and public speaker; and he has taken active leadership roles in the State Bar and local Bar Associations. His experience and knowledge of Construction Law is a true asset to the clients he serves.

For high quality legal representation backed by decades of experience helping government agencies, contractors and individuals in the areas of private and public works projects, contact the Offices of William R. Seligmann at (831) 423-8383.

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